H&M Customer Reviews:



when used a lot

In aplicatie ceva, in magazine altceva

Am patit-o in fiecare magazin H&M sa mi se zica faptul ca articolele din aplicatie nu sunt si-n magazin (nu ma refer pe stoc). Dezamagitor.


Easy to use. Secure and accessible. Some pictures don't show.

it's ok

please add wishlists and notifications for products from wishlist when going on sale. also notifications for a product getting back on stock would be great. crashes from time to time and it doesn't always work to scan products. other than that, it's user friendly and nice.

Hate it!

I loved this app before the new update and now it keeps declining my bank cards. Wont let me put items into my basket and now wont load pictures. This needs to be sorted ASAP!

After update: it works very well!

Recommendation from me :)

Doesn't work...

The amount of countries available in this app seems very limited. It doesn't appear to be available in Finland even though the local stores promote the app etc. Even when installed and using a different country as my location the scanner doesn't do anything with the barcodes, just continues to go in and out of focus. Seems pointless, had to go online in the end and find items manually anyway :/


Shop online is reliable

Good features!

Able to scan garment Kimble's and check online availability if your size isn't in the shop! They're are a bit behind the times compared to some retailers with the variety of payment methods and delivery options such as deliver to store unavailable but they are getting there!

Working very badly

H&m app

Slow slow and crashes

Crap it wont open

The app works great and its pretty easy to order online! But i wish there was a wish list or sth just to not simply add the items to the basket!



Good when it works

Downloaded app and worked for a couple of months then one day just wouldn't open. Waste of time

I am deleting the app in defeat!!

I love shopping at H&M for the whole family...but the mobile app is just useless (on both Android and Apple)! I've experienced the following on both for months on end...images not loading, changes in basket not taking effect (i.e. I delete an item but its still there after refresh), everytime I change basket it takes me back to top of list(annoying when you have long list of items to review), doesn't always offer filters! Developers really really need to work on this once and for all!!

I like it

Good App! but we need more filters! PS: I installed because on the website I could not add the products in the cart :(

More hate than love right now

Images more often don't load than when they do load....trying to reset my password and the link I get doesn't open to do the reseting ... very annoying and disappointing. You guys are too big of a company to allow simple procedures to fail. It delays placing orders & leads to losing items availability in the basket for bugs that don't get fixed and you believe that 10% discount is enough. Shame ! ...... a couple minutes have passed now and I just lost ALL the items from my basket. Seriously!

Loved but is not working anymore!

It was working for 2 weeks I choose what to buy and I put it in my bag but today when I try to open the bag is says that there is some problem and I really need to buy those things so please fix it A.S.A.P

Can't add things to basket.

Won't let me add anything to my basket. What's the point. When you go to basket it says, an error occurred, try later. Everytime I use the app.

After I updated the app, it won't let me log in!!


but could be better. crashes a couple of times, doesn't load some pictures, doesn't show filters on all pages. But ok on general. Some tools that would be useful for customers: wishlist and notification if an item from the wishlist is on sale/ going out of stock. This feature would be great for the website as well.

Frustrating app!

It keeps crashing!



Made my shopping way easier. Thank You soooo much💖💖💖

Serves a purpose

Not a bad app but it would be and idea for customers to be able to leave a review of an item some things are more fitted then other and sometime this picture shown doesn't do the product as much justice. And vice versa.

Tooooo slow. Does not depend on connection speed

Initial Barcode generation is unbelievable slow

Doesn't work properly, waste of time

Pages won't often load. Says page not found. You can't filter by size.

The app automatically shut down itself. This is outrageous, am not happy with it.

Pictures don't load. Very glitchy!

I just love shopping at h&m

Liked it

Drain battery in background every day

Really bad IT

Images don't load up. Tried to reset password and it doesn't recognise my email address and also says no Internet connection when there's plenty arrrrrergggggg

Very bad...

For god's sake it won't let me check out been trying for weeks l will have to find time to go to h & m shop

Cant sign in!

Always have trouble signing in now wont recognise my email i get orders to and emails from HnM!

This app is perfectly working in my phone.

I can't sing up😠

After this awful update I can't to sing in and accept an order😭 fix it please.